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1st Dan Grading Objectives

To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the South East Academy syllabus from white belt up to and inclusive of black belt.

To demonstrate the ability to perform the above remaining focused whilst under severe physical and mental stress.

To demonstrate an understanding of self respect & respect for others.

1st Dan Grading Criteria

The minimum training time for a student requesting to take a 1st Dan grade is 1 year from the date of certification of their brown/white stripe belt.

Students should indicate to their Instructor that they have completed the requirements for their 1st Dan grading, and may request that they are graded at the next opportunity.

In order for a student to apply for a 1st Dan Black Belt they must show that they have demonstrated commitment to South East Academy of Martial Arts during the period since their last grading. A student must have:

A) Attended Three 1st Dan Black belt courses

Reason To cover the 1st Dan black belt syllabus in detail, to be monitored, assessed and given feedback on their progress.

B) Passed 3 black tag awards. These will be awarded after a 1st Dan training course to students who have performed satisfactorily.

Reason This will ensure that any student who has gained 3 tags should be technically ready to take their 1st Dan black belt grading test. Due to the physical nature of the 1st Dan black belt grade, having successfully gained 3 black tags does not by any means ensure that a student will pass their black belt test and further investment in specific fitness training is advised.

For ANY of the above to be used towards an application for a 1st Dan black belt grade it MUST be recorded at head office and stamped signed in their up to date South East Academy licence by the examination board.