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Black Belt Pad Work Techniques

To be demonstrated from both left and right stances.

Shuffle forward Jab, Cross Punch, Roundhouse kick (with rear leg)

Rear arm Back Fist, skip-up. Hook kick

Shuffle forward Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand (rear arm), Roundhouse Kick (leading leg)

Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Kick

Shuffle forward Jab, Hook punch, Uppercut (alternate arms)

Shuffle forward Jab, Ridge Hand, Hook punch to the head (alternate arms)

Shuffle Back, Outer lower Block, Backfist. Reverse Punch

Side kick, Spinning kick (alternate legs)

Shuffle forward Jab, 2 Uppercuts, 2 Hooks.

Shuffle forward Jab, one step Backfist, Spinning Backfist.

Jumping Hook kick (back leg), Back kick, Double Roundhouse kick

Roundhouse kick, Jumping Spinning kick, Jumping Spinning kick

Shuffle forward Jab, jump back blocking down with same arm, Shuffle forward, Reverse punch, Side kick (leading leg), Back kick.

Hook kick + Roundhouse kick (same leg), Hook kick + Roundhouse kick (same leg), Jumping Spinning kick.

The student needs to be able to demonstrate how to hold & control the focus mitts for any partner paired up with, with speed and correct positions. Also the student performing the actual techniques should be able to do so under control, with speed, accuracy whilst always returning to a stable stance with guard in the correct position