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Requirements to obtaining your Black Belt

I have a copy of the syllabus and I practice all of the techniques?
Have I attended all of the Black Belt Courses?
Course No. 1
Course No. 2
Course No. 3
All of my sparring and safety equipment are in good order e.g. foot pads, gum shield, groin guard, hand pads/boxing gloves, rope, shin guards, bag gloves, focus pads?
Do I know all Dojo rules?
Can all basic kicks and punches be demonstrated and explained with the correct techniques?
Am I able to hold focus pads correctly for all levels of students?
Have I taught in any classes for my instructor?
Can I demonstrate basic warm ups and exercises?
First Aid Course Certificate Held?
Have I written my opinions of what it means to me to become a Black Belt?

Once you have ticked all the boxes you will be well on the way to taking and passing you Black Belt with South East Academy of Martial Arts.